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Trauma-Responsive Care Certification

The Tristate Trauma Network is committed to increasing the practice of trauma-responsive care in our community. Trauma-responsive care goes beyond understanding trauma and its effects to providing interventions that seek to alleviate trauma symptoms and lead to a higher level of functioning. TTN has chosen to partner with Finding Hope Consulting, LLC to provide its first type of Trauma Certification to practitioners: Trauma-Responsive Care Certification (TRCC).

What is TRCC – Hear Mary Vicario, LPCC-S of Finding Hope Consulting, LLC describe the course and achievements.

TRCC Testimonials Video – Hear what the June 2017 TRCC Program Graduates said about the program.

Handout with more information and requirements

Steps for Receiving Initial Certification:

  1. Complete all training and consultation sessions in the TRCC Series.
  2. Pass Competency Test taken at last session.
  3. Fill out application and include all supporting documentation.
  4. As indicated on application, make sure you have registered as an Individual Professional Member with the Tristate Trauma Network. See link below for Membership.
  5. Submit application with initial certification fee. Fee is only for those completing the Series with an agency other than TTN. Those completing with TTN have this fee included in payment for Series.

TRCC Renewal: Initial certification is good for two years. After the first 2 years, certification can be renewed annually by: 1) submitting evidence of 6 CEU hours related to trauma-specific or trauma-informed care AND 2) payment of fees which includes renewal of individual membership with the Tristate Trauma Network. This is called Individual Professional with TRCC Renewal on the Membership Form. See link below for Membership.



TRCC RENEWAL Application


Frequently Asked Questions about Trauma-Responsive Care Certification

1. What does it cost to attend the Trauma-Responsive Care Certification Series and become certified? The TRCC Series cost through Tristate Trauma Network has some variability year to year depending on trainer costs, training setting, CEU costs, and other factors. Current cost is $750 for the series, which includes 8 days of training and consultation, the competency test, and application fee. The only additional cost is $90 for membership upon submission of application. Other agencies contracting with Finding Hope to provide the Series establish their own costs for the trainings.
2. What does it cost to become certified? If you take the TRCC Series with Tristate Trauma Network, your cost is just $90 for membership upon application submission. Other certification costs are included in your Series fees. If you take the TRCC Series with another agency, your cost is $90 for membership and $100 for certification (2021 rates; subject to change annually). Membership with Initial Certification lasts two years at the 1-year rate. Tristate Trauma Network is the certifying body for Trauma-Responsive Care Certification regardless of where the Series is completed.
3. My agency has a TTN membership. Do I need to become a member? Yes, certification is for the professional, not the agency. Agency membership carries different benefits than Individual Membership. All TRCC Certified Professionals are required to hold an Individual Membership.
4. Is certification automatic after completing the Series? No, it is not automatic. You must apply for certification and it is dependent upon a passing score on the competency exam, submission of specific supporting information, and payment of any fees due. There are two levels, one of which requires evidence of a Master’s degree in the field.
5. When should I apply for certification? You can apply as soon as you complete the Series and MUST APPLY WITHIN 1 YEAR.
6. I can’t find one of my training certificates from the Series. What do I do? If you took the Series with TTN, we have recorded attendance and can verify your attendance that way. If you took the Series or a particular module with another agency, you will need a certificate or some other verification of attendance from the organizer e.g. copy of attendance roster or email verification of your attendance.
7. I missed a course in the Series. How do I make it up? All agencies offering the Series have agreed to allow participants from other agencies to do make-ups with them. If you miss a session, please email to find out who else is offering the series and when. If that doesn’t work out, you may take the missed session during TTN’s next Series offering.
8. How long does my Certification last? Your initial certification lasts 2 years. After that it can be renewed annually by meeting the maintenance requirements of 6 CEUs related to trauma or trauma-informed/responsive care and membership renewal.
9. What does it cost to renew my certification? The renewal cost is $100 after the first two years. This includes TTN membership and associated benefits.
10. How do I renew? Complete the TRCC Renewal application within 30 days beyond your renewal date. Include evidence of completing the required 6 CEUs. Pay for TRCC Individual Professional Renewal using the TTN Membership link. Current cost is $100 which includes application review, renewal processing, certificate mailing, and renewal of membership.
11. Will someone tell me when my renewal is coming due? Yes, you will receive an email 2 months ahead of time that your expiration is approaching with instructions for renewal.
12. How do I denote my certification in my professional title? Once certified, you may add “Trauma-Responsive Care Certified” and “TRCC” after your name.
Eg. Melissa Adamchik, MA, LPP, TRCC
Licensed Psychological Practitioner, Trauma-Responsive Care Certified