Agency Hero Highlight – Central Clinic Child & Family Treatment Centers 2/1/22

The Child and Family Treatment Centers (CFTC) is a division of Central Clinic Behavioral Health providing trauma-informed mental health services to children 0-18 years old. We offer bi-lingual mental health prevention, intervention, consultation, assessment, testing, and treatment as well as medication services, case management, and therapeutic mentoring to help children be emotionally and developmentally prepared to succeed in school and home. This is achieved through our evidence-based practices, our direct-service programs, and our school-based prevention services. Central Clinic Behavioral Health’s mission is to provide choices and options through a compassionate approach to behavioral health services that results in lasting recovery and resiliency for children, families, and adults.

What Makes You a Trauma Hero in our Community?
The impact of early trauma is profound as it occurs during the period of the most growth and development for the brain. We strive to identify children as early as possible, thus, a trauma screening tool is implemented at the intake appointment before the onset of treatment. Clinicians use the information to inform the treatment planning, so it is trauma informed and trauma focused. In addition, we regularly remind staff of the need to take care of themselves to help avoid burnout as well as vicarious trauma. Our agency has a Trauma-Informed Committee as well as a Wellness Committee who help get our messaging out. We aim to not only provide trauma-informed services but also to provide a safe space for the children and families we serve. We are a certified Trauma Informed agency and believe in the importance of all aspects of our agency to be trauma-informed – from our policies and procedures, to our waiting rooms, to how we answer the phones. We are committed to the work and recognize that this is ongoing work. As we onboard new staff it is essential for all to receive trauma training and we are proud to have made changes to our training and onboarding of staff across the agency. We continue with this work throughout the agency as the work is never done.

Is there a call-to-action you’d like to make?
Call 513-558-5878 to schedule an intake appointment. Or visit Central Clinic’s website at: for more information about all the services provided by this agency.

Thank you to Central Clinic Child and Family Treatment Centers, headed up by Maria Piombo, Ed.D./LPCC-S, for being a TTN Member since the beginning (2016) and for providing specialized services for trauma survivors and the staff who treat them.  Maria had the vision to sign her agency up for TTN’s First Trauma-Informed Care Learning Community in partnership with The National Council for Mental Wellbeing (formerly The National Council for Behavioral Health) in 2016. They have maintained their Trauma-Informed Care Committee ever since, which is super impressive!

Wishing you a day filled with HOPE and with resources like this to find the services you or someone you know needs!

Melissa Adamchik, MA, LPP, Executive Director, Tristate Trauma Network