Agency Hero Highlight: Envision 4/25/22

Envision has been providing services since 1963 to children and adults with developmental disabilities in the Greater Cincinnati area through programs that promote independence, healthy relationships, community inclusion and skills which are necessary for living a full and vibrant life.

What Makes You a Trauma Hero in our Community?

Along with being a Tristate Trauma Network Agency member, Envision implements many ways to be trauma informed and trauma aware for the people that they serve.

  1. Continued and consistent implementation of the Sanctuary Model. This includes the daily practice of holding community meetings, with both staff and the individuals we serve. This also includes the creation and utilization of safety plans to practice healthy coping skills and behaviors in place of the maladaptive behaviors often associated with a history of trauma.
  2. Continued support of staff seeking to maintain TTN certification, including financial assistance with re-certification.
  3. Opening of a new day program in October 2020, which is client-centered and driven. The opening of this program during the pandemic provided much needed respite for families and addressed the critical need for socialization opportunities during a period of wide-spread isolation for many of the individuals we serve.
  4. The addition of a new, full-time therapist to address the mental health needs of the individuals we serve, particularly regarding past trauma experiences. This has allowed Envision to reduce wait-times for these critical services and to continue providing comprehensive assessment and therapy services to both children and adults with developmental disabilities.
  5. Exemplary staff contributions and dedication to best serving clients throughout the pandemic. This includes maintaining consistent and reliable relationships with individuals during times of uncertainty through positive and respectful interactions (both virtual and in-person). One example of such being the willingness of staff to accommodate the needs of residents living in Envision’s Bayberry group home when they fell ill with Covid just prior to Christmas 2021. Please see our attached newsletter for more information.

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To learn more about the programs and services offered by Envision, please visit us at See the attached newsletter to see more of what’s going on at Envision!

Thank you to Envision for being a TTN Member and for providing specialized services for trauma survivors and the staff who treat them. Envision serves more than 600 children and adults each year. What an impact! We are eager to see more and more lives being changed through Envision’s trauma-informed services.

Wishing you a day filled with HOPE and with resources like this to find the services you or someone you know needs,

Melissa Adamchik, MA, LPP, Executive Director, Tristate Trauma Network