Agency Hero Highlight: Child Focus 11/2/22

Child Focus serves over 20,000 individuals in central and southern Ohio by developing thriving kids, strong families and successful adults. Child Focus is a leader in the industries of early childhood and behavioral health by creating responsive and innovative programs in collaboration with individuals, families, community agencies and institutions. Our early care and education, prevention and treatment programs improve coping mechanisms, provide support, promote school readiness and success and encourage growth and self-sufficiency for the children, families and adults in our community.

What Makes Child Focus a Trauma Hero in our Community?

Child Focus is a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Agency. Being a TIC agency is an ongoing process, so we continue to move forward in the seven domains as our agency continues to grow and make a difference in the community. We are proud to: 1.Continue to facilitate, partner and host community trauma-informed care education/training opportunities. 2. Continue to utilize evidence-based treatment models and practices to address trauma, loss and adverse life experiences. 3.Staff a Wellness Coordinator to support the health and well-being of staff as well as promote health and wellness in the community. 4. Continue to offer and utilize telehealth, office home and community-based services. 5. Increase awareness of Early Learning, Behavioral Health and Crisis supports utilizing search engines, blogs, videos, webpages, social channels, ads, posts and community events. Check out for more information or find us on social media.

Where can you find out more about Child Focus?

Learn more about Child Focus or find us on social media: