Agency Hero Highlight: Community Mental Health Center, Inc. 8/3/22

Community Mental Health Center, Inc. (CMHC) provides a wide continuum of services in southeastern Indiana, offering behavioral health and primary care to people of all ages. About 4% to 6% of the residents of the approximately 116,000 residents of their service area utilize the services of CMHC, Inc. each year, within their 19 facilities around the Indiana area.

What Makes CMHC a Trauma Hero in our Community?

CMHC was part of one of the Trauma Informed Care Learning Collaboratives hosted by TTN a few years ago, and made great strides in changing practices and policies, as well as the culture of  their agency. Along with being a continual Tristate Trauma Network Agency member, CMHC implements many ways to be trauma informed and trauma aware for the people that they serve.

They strive to show the value for work/life balance, which led to re-organizing how they set up the billable hour expectation for clinical staff so that they can give credit for time off for vacation, sick, bereavement and training. They have also declared November as “Staff Appreciation Month” and put up signage at all locations to celebrate. During this month, they gave each team resources to have a team building event and were able to provide a Managers Appreciation breakfast. They’ve provided more EMDR training for their therapists and have purchased special equipment to increase the effectiveness when conducting EMDR via telehealth. CMHC has also provided Child-Parent Psychotherapy trainings for a number of members of their staff.

Where can you find out more about Community Mental Health Center?

To learn more about what programs and services CMHC has to offer, please visit them at:


Thank you to CMHC for being a TTN Member and for providing specialized services for trauma survivors and the staff who treat them!   We are excited to see more and more lives being changed through CMHC’s trauma-informed services.

Wishing you a day filled with HOPE and with resources like this to find the services you or someone you know needs,

Melissa Adamchik, MA, LPP, Executive Director, Tristate Trauma Network